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Nat West [parody] (based on Pet Shop Boys “Go West”)

This one happened very suddenly. Natwest Bank (and RBS, and Ulster Bank) all had serious IT problems spanning several days. So on Friday night I cooked up the words for this song, recorded them on Saturday and made the video, releasing it Saturday Lunchtime. It’s now Sunday evening. We’re up to 3000 Youtube hits.. So not a bad bash.

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More folk music at the pub – Lady of a certain age

Divine comedy’s Lady of a Certain Age

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Folk music in the pub. Bert Jansch – Needle of Death cover.

Chris and I had a  go at Needle of Death by Bert Jansch. We thought it went well, and judging by the applause at the end, so did the people in the pub 🙂 A good night.

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I Missed You – A parody of Blink 182’s I Miss You about 2012 BX34

I made another parody at last!


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Looters of London (parody of Warren Zevon’s Werewolves of London)

I made another parody last night… This time, covering the London riots. The song is based upon Warren Zevon’s classic Werewolves of London.

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A CHARMLESS MorgAN (parody of Blur’s Charmess Man)

Written, recorded, video produced at home.

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News of the world telephone hacking scandal. My parody.

My latest video :

I made this, wrote lyrics, recorded, edited and did the video… Hope you like it!

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Spotify all is not forgiven.. But.. Yup, I’ve rejoined.

Much against my better judgement (see my previous rant about Spotify) I have resubscribed to Spotify Premium. Placebo are still not present on the system which is a massive pain in the backside, and as far as I know, it still doesn’t work on my old mobile phone…

But I got a new phone (see previous post re: Desire S), so that’s one of the two issues cured. And to be quite honest, I found myself tiring of daytime radio whilst driving to and from work. There is only so much Chris Moyles a sane person can take.

Still, I hate the fact one of my favourite artists is not on Spotify. Placebo, if you are reading this (hey, it’s not impossible) please do what at least one fan wants and return to Spotify!

In the meantime, being able to access Spotify on my Desire S, the Ipad, and on Sonos Zoneplayer, is all just far too convenient for all the music I want (except Placebo). It sucks but there is basically no alternative.

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Spotify, no more chances.

Inspired by my friend James’ post on how annoyed he has become with Spotify, I thought I’d join the chorus. I too have become very fed up with Spotify, despite being one of the first people I knew to have a £10 a month premium account.

  1. Placebo – not as good as the real thing?  Some time ago (definitely before 28/03/11 because that’s when I emailed spotify support to moan) almost all music by the band Placebo vanished off Spotify. Now it just so happens that several of my playlists were albums by them, so this was intensely annoying.Support told me initially that basically tracks come and go, and Placebo were changing record label. So they’d probably be back soon. A month later on 28/04/11 the tracks were still not back. I emailed again, and had another moan. This time it was suggested that maybe *I* should contact Placebo’s label! On this day, 10th May 2011, the tracks are still missing.
    … and …
  2. Paranoid of Android. I have a HTC Desire smartphone. It happily ran Spotify’s app. Now Spotify have done an update to the app, which has killed it. It loads, it appears to be working. It terminates. It reloads itself, flashes up the login screen, terminates. Times infinity. I emailed Spotify support. They suggested uninstalling and reinstalling. I tried this. It still did the same. They suggested clearing the app’s data. I did this. I reinstalled again. Still #fail.

So now this service no longer contains one of my favourite artists, and now it no longer works on my phone (the whole reason I pay for Premium), I am left wondering why on earth Spotify deserve my £10 a month. The simple answer is, of course, they no longer do.

I will happily return when Placebo return to the library, and when the Android version works again. Ten is not much to pay for the amount I used to use it.  Spotify have had 12p under £120 off me over the last 12 months. But not this month.

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A parody of the The Big Pink song “Dominos”. Lyrics by me. Sung by me. Recorded at NathanBen Productions. Mixed/produced by Nathan Ben. Note: this is a ‘1 verse demo’.

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