First post – header photo
By: Date: May 9, 2011 Categories: My Photos,Other,Photography
header image

My site header

Just showed this building site to a friend who said “I hate that theme”. To which I said “at least I changed the photo”…. (pause) …. “for one I took myself”. To which he replied “thought it was a stock photo.. looks amazing”.

Yes I took the photo myself, it’s the top of City Hall next to Tower Bridge. I was walking back from Shad Thames in the direction of London Bridge and spotted they were having a party up there. It was taken without tripod too 🙂

One thought on “First post – header photo

  1. Well, my thoughts exactly, Mr Bloor – I thought ‘hmm, strange photo, why did he put that up there…but now I know and it looks great!

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