Spotify all is not forgiven.. But.. Yup, I’ve rejoined.
By: Date: June 12, 2011 Categories: Sound,Technology

Much against my better judgement (see my previous rant about Spotify) I have resubscribed to Spotify Premium. Placebo are still not present on the system which is a massive pain in the backside, and as far as I know, it still doesn’t work on my old mobile phone…

But I got a new phone (see previous post re: Desire S), so that’s one of the two issues cured. And to be quite honest, I found myself tiring of daytime radio whilst driving to and from work. There is only so much Chris Moyles a sane person can take.

Still, I hate the fact one of my favourite artists is not on Spotify. Placebo, if you are reading this (hey, it’s not impossible) please do what at least one fan wants and return to Spotify!

In the meantime, being able to access Spotify on my Desire S, the Ipad, and on Sonos Zoneplayer, is all just far too convenient for all the music I want (except Placebo). It sucks but there is basically no alternative.

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