Two photos I am pleased with
By: Date: July 8, 2011 Categories: My Photos,Photography

England, with all thy faults, I love thee still.

Firstly a photo looking north west from the fields to the south of where I live. This was taken in the early evening. I’ve done quite a lot of processing on this to help it ‘glow’.

The title is borrowed from a quote by the poet William Cowper, and genuinely reflects how I feel about this kind of landscape.


Cows by noonlight

I took this not far from where I took the first. Unlike the previous image, this has not been heavily processed. Obviously this shot was taken directly facing into the sun. One of my friends said it looked like the two cows on the right were kissing.

This title is a corruption of a quote about trading shares (the gist being he who buys shares without some advanced or insider knowledge as as foolish as one who buys cattle by moonlight).

If anyone would like to buy limited edition prints of these, please post below, as I am contemplating getting a small print run done. They will probably be approximately A2 in size, and will probably cost around £50-75 each. If this sounds expensive please understand these are printed on VERY heavy high quality paper using UV safe professional inks. They will be printed by a fine art printer who prints for a number of  well known artists. And if I do decide to do a run, it will be limited to probably a quantity of 50.

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