2 thoughts on “WHY BT WHY? … in praise of our (now former) account manager

  1. You must agree that AAISP are probably the most demanding business partner BT have. That isn’t a bad thing for your customers, in fact it’s v good. However someone from the BT corporate world would have to be specially trained up to cope:)

    1. I do agree Tref. We work hard for our customers, as you say. This sometimes manifests itself as a hard slog for our BT account manager.

      The real pity is that Martin is at a point where he really understands our business, knows how best to work with us and, dare-I-say-it, even to tolerates our occasional bouts of annoyance and frustration at some issue or problem (and does so with good humour and professionalism).

      And now he’s moving on.

      However good his replacement is, there will still be a process to go through to get up to speed. It just seems a shame. I don’t understand why big companies constantly need to “fiddle”.

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