When Junk Callers get fiesty… (and don’t know the law)
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(Update at end 16:32 and 23:08)

I had a message passed to me, to call someone back; a Michael Kennedy from “PSI Group”. The name of the company they said they were from seemed familiar, so I did call them back. In retrospect I think I assumed they were something to do with the (now defunct) PSINet, with whom I had a leased line some sixteen years ago. Turned out it was totally a junk call, and made to one of our TPS listed (telephone preference service) numbers. So far so bad.

Now, I don’t normally do this, but I was busy and the call was junk, so I hung up without wasting any further time. Here is the original call where I called him back [on the basis of an arguably misleading message] :

Having hung up, I got back to the work I was doing… And he called me back… I will let you be the judge of the tone and character of his call :

Rather Irked by this, I decided to attempt to call him back, but he was in a meeting… apparently :

I thought that would be the end of it, but no! This guy clearly knows nothing about the rules surrounding the dialling of numbers on the TPS. Amazing really.

And that is the sad story of the feisty telemarketer. Hope you enjoyed it!

Update 16:34 : Had a call from the guy’s boss, Clive. Very apologetic, agreed it shouldn’t have happened. Refreshingly didn’t really offer excuses, just apologised. A minor snatching of win from the jaws of fail.

Update 23:08 : Whilst browsing discovered http://www.whocallsmefrom.com/02085325747 Seems as though this guy’s behaviour is part of a long-term pattern, which in turn makes me question the sincerity of the above apology. This blogpost was not intended to be a name-and-shame, but rather just a “look what happened”. However, I have now updated it to include the name of the individual and company, and also the number called from as part of the whocallsme URL. Hopefully others can utilise this information to avoid dealing with this unpleasant individual.

2 thoughts on “When Junk Callers get fiesty… (and don’t know the law)

  1. Did not see anything wrong with his reply actually……there are people in this industry that are pathetically rude and have a point to prove. The tps preference software costs money and unless you have that software you will never know and that man was rude (the Alex guy) so I dont blame him for hanging up the phone to avoid the stupid argument that Alex no doubt was trying to bring……..good on you Michael stand up for what you believe in!

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