About Me

My name (just ‘Bloor’)


My name is Alex Bloor, but for historical reasons everyone calls me just by my surname. It’s not a public school thing (I went to a comprehensive). Pretty much only my parents still call me by my first name. Even my girlfriend calls me Bloor. I am totally happy for people to call me that; I know lots of other Alexs (Alices?) but no other Bloors.

Work Life

I have been working for myself pretty much all of my adult life. In 2000 I started a company called Xela Limited as a technology consultancy and software development house, and ran that for around 10 years. It grew and shrank as work increased and decreased. It still exists, and I still own 100% of it, but now it’s only a property company for an office building it owns. In homage to Douglas Adams, I renamed the company to Milliways Investments Ltd when its purpose changed.

During one of the quieter times of Xela Limited’s history, we put some of the spare manhours to use developing what would eventually become Instant PR, an email marketing tool.

In 2010, I formed a new company called Xela Technologies Ltd with a business partner. We originally owned this 50/50. This has now taken all of the consultancy work from the original company, gained new customers, is busy and growing well. In 2011 I reduced my share to 40% to allow me to give some time and focus to other ventures.

Finally in 2012 I joined Andrews & Arnold Ltd as Business Development Manager and left Xela Technologies Ltd. I am no longer a Director or Shareholder of Xela Technologies, though, as I say above, I still own Milliways Investments Ltd.

Play Life

I do all the normal things. TV, music, films, drinking, Playstation 3 gaming.

I do also so some slightly less common things; I write and record parody songs, I occasionally do voiceover work, I have done radio presenting, I have been involved in my local amateur dramatics group, doing sound, lighting and photography. And this brings me onto that hobby; I am seriously interested in photography, and use an EOS 5d3.