About this site

This site / blog serves a dual purpose. Firstly it allows me to get familiar with the intricacies of WordPress; something that has been a long time intention. Secondly, I realise I actually do a fairly wide (some would say bizarre) array of different things, and sometimes other people are interested in what I’m doing.

These different things; photography, music, business, technology, have never had a centralised place that I can tell people to visit to see what I’ve done. So that’s the plan. On the other hand, I will probably get bored of it, let it get out of date, and give up once I have achieved technical familiarity with WordPress. Oh well, one out of two…

“Ok Cheers Bye” – I registered this domain, okcheersbye.co.uk in 2001, because colleagues pointed out that I ended near enough every phone call with those three words. It’s only now ten years later I am finally putting the domain to use!