Limited editions – cows and landscape

In my previous photography post I indicated I might do a limited edition print run of the two photos; the cows and the landscape. I might yet change the titles of both; certainly I’m going to drop the word England from the start of the title of the landscape, making it just “With all thy faults, I love thee still.” … As for the cows. Maybe “Kissing cows?”.

artists proofs for landscape and cows

The two Artist's Proofs

Anyway, I’ve got the artist’s proofs now, and they are *awesome*, hopefully as you can see from the (phone camera snapped) shot above.

There will be a limited edition print run. It will be an edition of 50 each only. They will be £150.00 each. Discounts available for anyone that buys more than 5 in total. I will post the specification of the paper and print/inks etc once I have them; but the quality is extremely high. Each print will be numbered, titled, and signed. Anyone interested, please email

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